Starting out rough… 

It’s February and here I am struggling with stress and depression. I do good most days, but some just seem a little unbearable and I’d rather stay in bed. I feel like the last month has been a collision of boulders colliding on my life. Things could be worse, but man could they be better. 

My oldest son is doing great in power lifting and my other son is doing great in basketball. The girls are about to start softball, so free time will be very limited. My husband is loving his new job. Which is great. I thought I didn’t see him much before; but geez it’s so much less now. Maybe in time things can be a little diffeRent, but I’ll take what we have for now. I’m truly thankful for everything he does for us! My brother and his wife had my new nephew last week and man he’s so adorable. 

My teeth still suck and quite frankly there worse now than they were even a few months ago. The pain is crazy and just the look or thought of them makes me sick. I’m hoping for this too be the year to get them fixed, whether it be by winning a contest or coming up with the money to make it happen. Damn it I just want to love myself again. I want to smile and laugh and talk to people. Take family photos, go on dates with my husband and just have the self confidence I lost so long ago. Maybe one day. -Danna 

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