It’s been a while…

I haven’t wrote in forever. I guess life has been a little crazy.

So first I still haven’t won a Dental contest. I’m hopeful though and not giving up. I want and need this more than anything. I just want to laugh, smile and love myself again. Here’s to hoping 2018 will be my year.

I wrecked my car not once but twice. The first time was my fault. I rear ended someone driving a red camaro. I scratched their bumper but hurt my car more. My wonderful mechanic of a husband fixed my car and she looked great again. That same day (6pm) I was in another accident. This time a blue camaro ran a red light and well my car wouldn’t drive away. They (blue camaro) did a hit and run and their car was totaled as all air bags deployed. He came back to the scene an hour later and all info he provided on the police report was fake/wrong and the car and insurance wasn’t his. So my insurance had to cover whatever happens. So 👎🏻 to this but my daughter and I are okay so right now that’s what matters most. Just got the call that my car is totaled! 😭 It’s a sad day. I loved that car.

My oldest son Cam has been kicking ass at powerlifting. He’s been digging deeper every single time and his weight/goals are outstanding. I couldn’t be more proud. Also he earned a spot in regionals 💪🏻. #keepgoing

My dad had a triple bypass yesterday. He has a long road ahead of him. His first night was really rough, but the nurse this morning said he was doing better. So we will just take this one day by day and see what happens. Keep him in your thoughts.

My other kids are doing fabulous. My youngest daughter wants to do gymnastics so I’m looking into that. My oldest daughter starts softball on Monday and my other son starts track. So powerlifting, softball, possible t-ball or gymnastics and of course track with a chance of soccer thrown in. Sports mom at its finest, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oh and my husband went on his own and started his own business which has been doing amazingly well. Thank you universe.

We’ve been doing pretty good this year, besides the few boulders that have been thrown in during he month of February. 🖤


I need help…

Holy shit the pain I’m feeling because of my teeth right now is excruciating. I’ve entered a ton of contests yet again and nothing. I am dying in this pain. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. No matter how much medicine I take, it doesn’t stop. Ibuprofen used to help but now it doesn’t. Tylenol 3 isn’t even touching it. The pain is shooting to my head and it hurts so bad.

I just want to win a contest or find a bad ass dentist that will accept payments. I’m not looking for a handout, but a hand up. I just need one person to care enough to help. The free clinics here can’t help because my teeth are to bad. The ones that are low cost still aren’t low enough. Texas doesn’t take or participate in dental grants. I’ve tried a million times.

Sadly I know that as much as I want all of these rotten teeth ripped out of my mouth and some other option put in there place, it won’t happen except by some miracle. But damn do I need a miracle. My teeth will be the death of me and it’s sad as hell. The tears keep falling and the pain never stops.

For fucks sake it just needs to end…


I had hope. A slight glimmer of light that this would be my year. That I would be one of the lucky ones chosen. As I read the rules I thought I read far enough, come to find out I didn’t and I live to far away. I had so many people vote for me they had to call and see where I live. **Note to self: Don’t get to excited before reading all of the eligibility rules, there’s always more to it. 

The 😬 I hoped to win this year and have completed by next is a bust. I guess I shouldn’t give up, but I’ve currently ran out of trying. It hurts so much. All I want is to smile again. A big cheesy beautiful smile people could see from a mile away. One where I can laugh freely, talk freely, smile freely and one that consists of being pain free. One where I would love myself again, the tears would stop, the overflow of abundance would fill my life. People dream of fancy cars, houses and toys and all I want is a new smile. I’ve entered more contests than I can even keep up with in a single year and every year, I’m not the lucky one. I assume it’s a game of chance, I assume it’s not needing to much work done and I assume it just has to be my time. 

I don’t want to be sad, but I’d lying if I said I wasn’t. Disappointed, frustrated, heart broken, and depressed. One day, I’ll smile again. 

Maybe one day… but for now I’m just going to ride out the rest of the year. 

If you live in North or South Carolina and need your teeth fixed, Bozart Family Dentistry is running a holiday smile makeover contest. You should go enter or enter someone you know who truly deserves to smile again. Here’s the link: 


Trying to stand tall 

Sometimes all we need is a new perspective. 🖤

Life has been crazy lately. It’s hard not to stay in bed and hope the problems disappear. It’s hard to push depression away. But then there is happiness and you find the moments that make it all worth it. 

A co-worker of my husbands was killed. He was a tow truck driver and on a call on the side of the highway, well a mini van a woman was driving decided to still drive 75 miles an hour and she hit him and he died. I’ll spare the details as I can barely stand to think of them. He was a great man and he will always be remembered. He left a family behind, but everyone is taking care of them. 

My first week back at school went pretty good. I’m shooting to get my GPA back up, I need to apply for a few scholarships and hope I can get a few of them in my favor. So far my classes are going great and I’m really enjoying them. It’s nice to be on a different path. 

Mother’s Day was good. I spent the whole weekend with my kids and I got to spend Sunday with my husband as well. He works a ton so it’s hard to see him. We also went and had a family breakfast which was okay. I was frustrated because the place charged more money because of the holiday and yet couldn’t keep up with food. 

I woke up with an abscess today. This time it’s on the top part of my mouth and putting crazy pressure on my face. My lip, nose and cheeks are swollen and the head pain is crazy. I’m on an antibiotic again as there’s not much else to do. The dentist I started going to is booked up, so I settled at seeing a new one just to get meds that way I wouldn’t have to be hospitalized by morning. I’ll admit though I’m scared shitless. I don’t want to die. I have to much to live for. My kids and my husband are my world. I want to live. I don’t know how to fix my mouth though without the funds to do so. I found another dental contest to enter but like all of the other ones it’s a waiting game and usually my mouth is more than most want to handle. Ive spent all day searching for other contests, dental offices that accept payment plans or someone willing to help, but as usual I come up empty handed. It’s hard not to give up as I know the cost of fixing my mouth is much more than I can even come up with. The things that keep me holding on are my kids, I want to watch them grow up and achieve all of their dreams and growing old with my husband is something I want more than anything. So I’m hoping for a miracle or something that says my health will get better and it will be alright again. 

✌🏻 I’ll be back to write again soon. It felt good to get my thoughts out there. Oh and I need to start writing again, I miss it. I have been reading quite a bit which is great. 


How did you know???

How did you figure out what you wanted to do with your life? Did you know since you were a kid? Did you find the love for it in high school, college or beyond? 

As I sit here, I really wonder what I’m supposed to do with my life. I mean here I am at 35 still trying to figure it all out. I’ve been in numerous colleges follow career paths that ultimately led me no where. I’ve spent the last two years in school going for my Bachelors degree in English with a concentration in writing and I stopped. I earned enough credits and then some to walk away with my Liberal arts degree (associates). It’s nothing fancy but at least this time, I got a degree. There were tons and tons of essays and it took my love for writing and made it into something I hated. 

So here I am at a loss for what to do. I work part time doing billing in an office which is great, but there has to be more right?

🌴I like to read, and write although I draw a blank when I try to do anything seriously. There’s a block there and I’m not sure why. 🌴Photography is okay. I own a camera but haven’t really did anything exciting with it. ❌I’m not crafty at all. No sewing, no knitting or crotchet, no t-shirt making or tutus. 

I do want to own a coffee shop & bookstore but that’s not in the cards anytime soon. 

So how did you know what you wanted to do? I want a career that makes me happy, one that I don’t need escaping from. I’m super lost and just looking for a little insight. 

What do you do for a living? And why do you love it? 


Just going to be real… 

So I believe it’s important to be real and to say things like they are. For some reason I had this image set in my mind that I needed to look a certain way, to have this set body type, to manage my nutrition like some damn psycho trying to change their life. It’s okay if you love fitness (it’s great), it’s okay if you have your ideal body goal pasted on the wall, but it’s not okay to go at it with such intensity that you lose yourself along the way. It’s okay to better ourselves and to realize that we better our bodies by what we put in them. Nutrition is important but so is balance. If you want a damn 🍩 or 🍕 or 🍔 go get it, and if you want a 🥗 with some fruit 🍓🥝 then by all means do that. You can go outside and take a walk, jog for a whole minute, get outside and get active with your kids, go on hikes, go explore your city (I’m sure there’s a ton of things you haven’t even seen), but just move and be active. Don’t rely on a scale to tell you that you’re doing okay, that your weight is crazy or that there is a problem. 

We were given these amazing bodies that have the capability of telling us when something is wrong. Listen to it, go see a doctor, find a routine that works for you, change your life up a little, but more than anything do what sets your soul on fire. Chase your dream job, go travel, move spontanisely if you have the chance, just don’t get so busy living that you forget about your life. Make memories, chase the moon, take in your surroundings, recognize your hard work, your many blessings, the small insignificant things we barely notice…choose to notice them. 🍃🌺🌍

My point is simply if you want to work out to feel better, to look better, to build up an endorphins rush, or to get healthier DO IT, but do NOT do it because you want to look like a specific person. It has to be done for you. You have to want it because of the benefits it can provide you with. But guys you are not all the same, were not all cheerios, be a damn fruit loop. You’re still beautiful, talented, and amazing even with struggles. Find out what you want in life, and go make it happen after all life is to damn short to be anything but happy. 

🌴I realized that I liked working out. I loved how I felt after, I love how it takes away the stress and depression, I love that my body was burning calories and kicking out toxins. Fitness is great for me and I even love running. However, I do not like the fact that I was obsessing over specific foods, or busting my balls to try and look like a certain person. I was shooting for a goal to look like them, when I am ME! I already have a body, I’m not fat, but I do have a small baby pooch to lose. I don’t want to lose weight; I just want to tone up. I don’t want to obsess over it. I just want to make good choices and love this life I have. 

Every single one of us have our own unique talents that make us stand out, we have our tribe that bring us joy, we have everything we love with us we just need to recognize that. 

At the start and end of everyday~ look in the mirror and tell yourself you are a badass and you will accomplish anything you want. But be YOU! Find YOU! Do YOU! 

Don’t get stuck in vortex trying to compare yourself or your life with someone else’s, it doesn’t get you anywhere. 

👉🏻You want a 6 pack work for it, but because you want it. You want to lose weight do it because it’s better for your health, not because someone told you. 

👉🏻You want a bad ass job or to move find a way and make it happen. It might not happen today or even in a few months but it will happen. Find your strength, willpower and determination and fight like hell to make your dreams and goals happen. ✨ 

👉🏻Just do you! Never ever forget to live. Chase your dreams not someone’s else’s. 🤘🏻


What are some of your favorite words? 

So by now we know that WORDS have a tendency to captivate people. They either grab ahold of them and tug at all the things that mean something to them, or the words are bland which means no one reads your stories, words, inspirational posts, business things,etc. 

so tell me a few of your favorite words?? Attention grabbers that pull you in and don’t let go? Most people like truth and the reality that we’re actually normal people who have struggles, faults and when we succeed. So authenticity plays a huge role here. Being YOU is what brings people out into your world. 

What words inspire or encourage you?

What gets you going during the day? 

What motivates you? 

WHY do you do what you do every single day? 

Do you ever feel like you lost yourself along the way?

What do you do for ME time? 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? 

What are your small goals?

Big goals?

Any specific dreams that you want to badly you can taste it? 



Tell me about you… 

In a few short words tell me about you! Anything at all. What makes you happy? Sad? Mad? Light up? Love yourself? Favorite quotes? Favorite books? Do you workout? If so what do you enjoy? What kind of weather do you like? Where do you want to live? Dream job? Anything at all. 


Starting out rough… 

It’s February and here I am struggling with stress and depression. I do good most days, but some just seem a little unbearable and I’d rather stay in bed. I feel like the last month has been a collision of boulders colliding on my life. Things could be worse, but man could they be better. 

My oldest son is doing great in power lifting and my other son is doing great in basketball. The girls are about to start softball, so free time will be very limited. My husband is loving his new job. Which is great. I thought I didn’t see him much before; but geez it’s so much less now. Maybe in time things can be a little diffeRent, but I’ll take what we have for now. I’m truly thankful for everything he does for us! My brother and his wife had my new nephew last week and man he’s so adorable. 

My teeth still suck and quite frankly there worse now than they were even a few months ago. The pain is crazy and just the look or thought of them makes me sick. I’m hoping for this too be the year to get them fixed, whether it be by winning a contest or coming up with the money to make it happen. Damn it I just want to love myself again. I want to smile and laugh and talk to people. Take family photos, go on dates with my husband and just have the self confidence I lost so long ago. Maybe one day. -Danna 


Thoughts.. talk to me

Starting out 2017 with a goal I’ve had for a few years now.


Hello everyone~

It’s 2017. A year for fresh starts, new beginnings and those so called resolutions we strive for every year. I’m sure most of us make it the first month and we fall off track shortly after that. It doesn’t mean you or me are failures, it means we need to dig a little deeper and find our inner strength to pull us through. But do we really need resolutions? I mean we should strive for better all year. Exercise more, quit smoking, find a better job, get rid of the toxic people and attitudes that weight us down, lose weight, plan more,etc. The list goes on and on. I do have “resolutions” so to speak, but I would rather call them game changers. I spent last year extremely depressed. I let things from my childhood, my past and my present swallow me whole. I was consumed by darkness and I barely saw any light to keep me from drowning. My life at home is great. I have four amazing kids, and a husband who works his ass off to make sure every one of us is taken care of. The bills are on his plate as well. He worked a full-time job as a mechanic Monday thru Friday and everyday including the weekend he would pull in side work to bring in more money. He would also find time to attend the kids sporting events as well. We chose to change jobs for him before the 2016 year was up and boy its still scary as hell. He left a job that became stagnant with the same pay and same crap with an added title, to a new job and he smiles so much more. So back to me. I tend to hold on to things way to much. This year my goal is to change that. I started using a planner which has been great so far. I write all of my to-dos, want to dos and what has to be done. Motivational quotes, pictures, and any goals I have for the year.  I re-did my dream board which had been the same for a few years. Some things I left alone, because I still want or need to do them. I think the dream board brings what you want to life. It gives you a vision you can always see which gives you that motivation to work that much harder. My mind tends to run a thousand miles an hour and still tries to go when I lay down for bed. It’s usually the bad thoughts that get me off track. I’ve been doing okay so far though and my mind and body seem to be in a great place. I’ve always struggled with letting go. I hold on to everything. It could have happened 15 years ago and I will still talk about it. I don’t need or want that kind of behavior surrounding my life. How do you handle depression? Any advice to give me? How did you learn to let go? Also if there’s something you really want, but can’t have it because the cost is to extreme how do you not let that eat you up as well? I’m NOT talking about a new house, a new car, needing a new wardrobe, or shoes, or a fancy vacation (although that would be great.) I’ll take a trip to the beach please! I should add my nanny passed away in March and it gets to me all the time. I didn’t get to drive to see her before she passed. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and it took her quickly. I MISS her so much.

My teeth are my downfall. Yeah, I know that’s nasty. I’ve had problems since I was 19 (after my first kid) and now many years later my teeth have deteriorated. I don’t look in the mirror and like what I see. I’m rather disgusted with myself. I cry a ton and slip into a depression when I think about it or if I’m randomly eating a soft food I can handle and one of my teeth will break. I avoid talking to people. I’ve mastered speaking with my head down, covering my mouth or I might not respond at all. People say they never notice, but come on I know YOU notice. The smile is one of the first things we see. I am jealous over so many peoples smiles, straight teeth, the laughter they share, and the photos they’re able to take. I rarely photos and if I do you won’t see my teeth. I’ve been entering dental contests for over four years now and still no luck. One that just ended was the closest I had been. I was a candidate in the top 10, but the others nor myself got picked because we didn’t have the “marketing” experience to back their brand. I guess that’s understandable, but when you give someone like me something I’ve wanted for so long…I can guarantee your brand will be bragged on to every person I know. It didn’t happen though. 2017 is a new year with new possibilities so I’m hoping that this will be my year even if it takes me till the end of it to save up. And if you’re wondering, no none of my teeth can be saved. Several are missing, broken, or have been pulled. I’ve wrote to people like “The Doctors” and “Ellen” in hopes of someone helping me. It’s on me though. I will have my smile one day and I’ll be sure to post it here first. ***If you want to know Dr. Golpa offers an all on four implant. I want this so bad. They have a special right now, which I guess really isn’t a special when you barely make the price tag a year. In a few months the cost rises which stinks. Maybe I’ll win the lottery or find another solution that will look just a good. If you read this far…Yay!

So tell me what do you plan on doing differently this year? What or who is your motivation? What plan do you have in place to make it happen? If there is one thing you could have in life what would it be? Mine is a new smile. So tell me about you if you want. Lend me advice or just vent. I’m open to anything… -Danna