It’s been forever since I wrote…sorry about that. I started college again in May. I picked a new degree plan and half way through, I realized it wasn’t something I was in love with. I switched back to my BA in creative writing/English with a concentration in Fiction. So in two years I’ll have this degree. It seems so far away, but it will be worth it. I have my associates as well. It’s nice to see the things I have been working on for far to many years to count fall into place. 

So I was accepted into the honor society for my school. Does anyone know if it’s worth it college wise? The perks seem great: scholarship opportunities, networking, discounts,etc. I have about a week left to make my decision. 

I’ve been trying to get out of the frump I tend to find myself in which involves; depression, sadness, a numb feeling and sometimes it’s really hard to shake. I believe I’m doing okay so far, guess we will see what happens. Making new goals and fighting like hell to achieve them. We’re halfway through the year, so I gotta get moving. 

So tell me is honor society in college worth it? What are some goals you set for yourself this year? Have you crushed any or or all of them? Have you read any good books? Took an amazing trip? I’m sure you all have some kind of news to share with me. 



What are some of your favorite words? 

So by now we know that WORDS have a tendency to captivate people. They either grab ahold of them and tug at all the things that mean something to them, or the words are bland which means no one reads your stories, words, inspirational posts, business things,etc. 

so tell me a few of your favorite words?? Attention grabbers that pull you in and don’t let go? Most people like truth and the reality that we’re actually normal people who have struggles, faults and when we succeed. So authenticity plays a huge role here. Being YOU is what brings people out into your world. 

What words inspire or encourage you?

What gets you going during the day? 

What motivates you? 

WHY do you do what you do every single day? 

Do you ever feel like you lost yourself along the way?

What do you do for ME time? 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? 

What are your small goals?

Big goals?

Any specific dreams that you want to badly you can taste it? 


Tell me about you… 

In a few short words tell me about you! Anything at all. What makes you happy? Sad? Mad? Light up? Love yourself? Favorite quotes? Favorite books? Do you workout? If so what do you enjoy? What kind of weather do you like? Where do you want to live? Dream job? Anything at all.